About LEFP

Mission Statement

The mission of the Law Enforcement Families Partnership is to reduce and prevent domestic violence committed by criminal justice personnel.


  • Collaborate with private and public organizations such as law enforcement agencies/corrections agencies, along with prevention and intervention organizations.
  • Conduct research and publish analysis of such research, including statistics about prevalence, incidence, risk factors, and consequences of law enforcement-involved domestic violence.
  • Create online multi-media prevention curricula developed to be appealing and accessible to all of Florida’s officers.
  • Help officers to recognize the warning signs of work-related trauma and abuses of power, and teach coping mechanisms to prevent using violence and intimidation with intimate partners.
  • Normalize officers’ asking for help with family relationships and job stress and reporting concerns for other officers.
  • Foster and support a culture of disapproval of officer-involved family violence at the agency level with a multi-media campaign reinforcing the lessons of the on-line curriculum.
  • Advocate for effective policies and programs at the agency, state, and federal levels to reduce officer-involved domestic violence.

The Law Enforcement Families Partnership Team

The Law Enforcement Families Partnership is a component of the Florida State University Institute for Family Violence Studies.
The Partnership is designed to address the specific dynamics associated with family violence within law enforcement families. Karen Oehme, J.D., Director of the Institute, leads the Partnership. Oehme brings expertise in community collaboration, family violence, and child welfare issues to the project. DeAnn Scarborough, Coordinator of Research Programs at the College of Social Work, directs the graduate student involvement with the Partnership.
Team members include faculty from the College of Social Work, the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the College of Law, the FSU Family Institute, and the College of Family and Child Sciences.

Components of the Partnership

In pursuit of its goals to reduce and prevent officer-involved domestic violence, the Law Enforcement Families Partnership (LEFP) plans a multi-tiered effort with six key components:

  1. Research on officer-involved domestic violence;
  2. Officer-Involved Domestic Violence: A Prevention Curriculum provides six online training modules for Florida’s law enforcement and criminal justice officers.
  3. Data collection and analysis of
    1. Past and future FDLE data relating to officer-involved domestic violence, and
    2. Cumulative pre-and post testing results from each training module, to determine the effectiveness of the training and changes in officers’ attitudes and beliefs over time.
  4. Creation of a Task Force to create a Florida Model Policy on Responses to Officer-Involved Domestic Violence (with a training module to demonstrate the resulting model policy’s use)
  5. Reinforcements of the messages of the training using multi-media tie-ins, for roll call rooms and agency displays.
  6. Material on officer-involved domestic violence geared toward agency administrators.

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