Competency Based Training Manual for Florida’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Staff

The WIC program targets low-income pregnant women, women who breast-feed, and their children under age five. The goal of WIC is to address areas of positive pregnancy outcomes and child development that may be impacted by poor health and inadequate nutrition. Because the many serious impacts of domestic violence can lead to poor nutrition in children and pregnant women, the WIC program is committed to identifying their clients in need of assistance.

Domestic Violence: A Competency-Based Training Manual for WIC and Other Nutrition Staff was developed specifically for human services professionals in the field of nutrition and health. In addition to chapters on the dynamics of domestic violence, overcoming rural barriers, and utilizing community resources, it contains information specific to the problems and nutritional needs of pregnant women and young children. The heart of the manual teaches professionals how to spot victims, how to broach the subject of abuse, and how to refer them to needed services.

The WIC Training Pilot Program was initiated in 1999 and trained over 100 WIC staff in northern Florida. Based on the tremendous success of the pilot project, WIC staff have been targeted for training nationwide. 

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