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Florida State University offers an online curriculum for a Professional Certification in Trauma & Resilience: Level One

The curriculum enables professionals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to understand the impact of adult and child trauma, along with the keys to resilience. Participants will learn crucial information to improve service delivery to clients, students, human services recipients, patients, and other members of the public.

This self-paced curriculum includes 20 hours of course content and ten chapters of research-based readings, case scenarios, multi-media materials, assignments, and quizzes.

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Why Earn The Professional Certification in Trauma & Resilience?

The Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience through Florida State University’s Center for Professional Development enables professionals to develop knowledge and skills to improve service delivery in a wide variety of human services.

The Professional certification offers the following:

  • Validation to your employer, colleagues, and clients that you have received professional training from a prominent university
  • A thorough understanding of the core concepts of both a trauma-informed approach and the keys to resilience
  • Confidence that you are able to incorporate knowledge of trauma and resilience into your own practice
  • The ability to assist leadership in establishing, strengthening, and maintaining the principles of trauma and resilience throughout the organization. 

Benefits of this Course Include

  • Enhancing your professional knowledge, skills, and career potential.
  • A transformative understanding of how stress from Adverse Childhood Experiences can affect the developing brain and impact maladaptive client behavior.
  • A powerful new perspective on trauma-informed approaches to effective service delivery. A discovery of the building blocks of resilience and the hope they offer for healing.
  • Increased self-awareness, a new outlook on personal development, and ways to avoid secondary traumatization.
  • Confidence in your ability to enhance your agency, unit, or teams’ effectiveness.


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Advisory Council

The research team at the Institute for Family Violence Studies appreciates the expertise of our Advisory Review Board Members:

James Clark, Ph.D., LCSW 
Suzanne Harrison, M.D.
Carol Edwards, MSW, Ed.D., LCSW
Craig Stanley, Ph.D., LCSW 
Mimi Graham, Ph.D.
Amy Coren, Ph.D.
Shalay Jackson, MSW, D.P.H.
Machelle D. Madsen Thompson, Ph.D, LCSW
Joedrecka Brown Speights, M.D., FAAFP

This Professional Certification was created by the Institute for Family Violence Studies

Karen Oehme, J.D., Director
Ann Perko, J.D., Director of Research Dissemination
Lyndi Bradley, MSW, Ed.D., Director of Professional Development