EDU: Seminole Strong, Workplace Ready

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This self-development training course, Equality, Diversity, and Understanding: Seminole Strong, Workplace Ready (EDU), promotes life skills, a healthy campus community, and a productive, successful workforce. At Florida State University we uphold and embrace a set of core values: Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Collaboration, and Innovation. These core values provide FSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni with a foundation to succeed in any environment.

The training includes:

  • Videos highlighting FSU values of respect, integrity, diversity, collaboration, and innovation
  • Strategies for the classroom, workplace, and beyond

Not only will you learn about these important topics, you will also hear from FSU students about how they incorporate FSU’s core values into their lives. The lessons in this hour-long training will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to thrive in the classroom, in the workplace, and in your interpersonal relationships. 

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