Pathways to Professional Advancement

IFVS Pathways to Professional Advancement provides research-based, highly engaging training to professionals across all disciplines. Improve your skills and build new knowledge today! 


Current Professional Certifications: 

Professional Certification in Trauma & Resilience -

Level 1 and Level 2

Enhance your professional knowledge, skills, and career potential

Did you know that two of every three people have experienced trauma that can impact them personally and professionally? Professionals will build knowledge to understand the impact of trauma and develop important resilience skills.

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Professional Certification in The Fundamentals of Neurodiversity

If you interact with the public, this training is for you

Between 15-20% of the public is neurodivergent. Multidisciplinary professionals will learn practical, trauma-informed approaches to support neurodivergent individuals of all ages.

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Professional Certification in College Student Wellbeing

Colleges and universities can improve student support.

Students arrive with a range of stressors, including mental health issues, histories of trauma, and everyday stressors that can impact their wellbeing and college experience. Higher education professionals will gain new knowledge and practical skills to better support their students.

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Professional Certification in Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention

Increase awareness and improve services and interventions.

Professionals will develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand the dynamics of human trafficking. They will gain practical skills to increase awareness of and improve services and interventions for victims/survivors of trafficking.

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