Model Policy

Florida’s Model Policy on Officer-Involved Domestic Violence (pdf)

Responding To Domestic Violence, Model Policy Number Two for Florida Law Enforcement: November 1999

Committee Members

  • Tiffany Carr, represented by Nina Zollo; Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • John Czernis, represented by Diane Russo and Charles Broach; Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
  • Sadie Darnell, represented by Laura Knudson; Alachua County Sheriff
  • Jennifer Dritt and Grace Francis; Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
  • Bill Farmer; Sumter County Sheriff
  • Hal Johnson; Florida Police Benevolent Association
  • Christina Harris; Attorney General’s Victim Advocate Office
  • Roy Hudson; Florida Sheriff’s Association
  • Dennis Jones, represented by Carol Hendrix; Tallahassee Police
  • Amy Mercer; Florida Police Chiefs Association
  • Audrey Noble, represented by Debbie Dolan; Florida Department of Corrections
  • Karen Oehme; Institute for Family Violence Studies
  • Jay Romine, Chair of the FDLE Standards and Training Commission
  • Glen Hopkins and Stacy Lehman, FDLE
  • Randy Chandler; Florida State University Police
  • Cheryl DeGroff, Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement
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